Mission Statement:

To provide stress-free and enjoyable opportunities to children and teen cancer patients, and their families, during the many weeks that they are undergoing proton radiation treatments at the University of Pennsylvania Robert's Proton Therapy Center.

How to Help:

Make a general donation or sponsor a specific activity that will help someone to just be a kid for a day. Visit the DONATE page for more information.


Helping Kids to Just be Kids:

In so many instances, the costs of medical treatments can be a real hardship on families, especially when it is necessary to be away from home for many weeks or months depending on what type of care is needed. The University of Pennsylvania Proton Radiation Therapy Center is one of the most advanced treatment centers in the world and specializes in treating children and teens with brain tumors. Patients come from around the country and the world for specialized treatments; therefore, the daily treatments that last six to eight weeks often require families to relocate away from home for an extended period of time and to incur additional living expenses without insurance coverage for these costs.


Many organizations focus on raising money to donate to research towards a cure. These initiatives are wonderful and very much needed, but I'm looking to do something different with my efforts. The Carter N. Bowman Foundation is focused on providing kids and their families the opportunity to enjoy activities, at no cost to them, while undergoing extended cancer treatments away from home. The real goal is giving kids the chance to take a break from the grueling routine of treatments, testing and appointments and provide stress-free ways to let them just be kids! By working with the staff at the proton therapy center to recommend eligible patients, the patient and their family could receive free tickets to visit the Philadelphia Zoo, go to a the aquarium or receive tickets to visit a museum or art gallery, all without worrying about the cost.